Why pay more at a big corporate theater when you don’t have to? Our admission prices for all ages are never more than $4, everyday!

The history of The Towne Cinema

c9c7971f67f05b896239afab94d379f6_largeOur historic theater has been a fixture in Watertown’s downtown community since 1913. For the past seventeen years of this theaters 100 year run, John and Barb Bendall have kept the Towne Cinema’s doors open for the community. From school rentals, to private and public birthday parties, the Towne Cinema has been there with open arms to the community. In 2013, The Towne Cinema celebrated her 100th birthday in October.

Our hopes of celebrating that epic birthday hinged on our survival through a technological transformation that is changing the way all cinemas show their films. This mighty challenge could not have been overcome by us here at the theater alone. Only with the help of so many that donated were we able to save our beloved, historic, unique, independent and community supported theater.

Ticket Prices

All tickets are just $4, any time, any day!